This guide is not part of any puzzle. It’s just laying out some instructions for the hunt.

Rules and format

  1. Each puzzle has an answer which consists of English letters. The answers are not case sensitive and spaces are disregarded, but the spelling must match exactly.
  2. Each time you submit an answer, the answer checker will verify it.
    • This can take anywhere from 10 to 60 seconds depending on how fast your computer is.
    • If your answer is correct, you will be given a link to a new page.
    • Beyond having to wait a while to get an answer checked off, there is no penalty or limit on checking answers.
    • Moreover, the answer checker provides extra nudges for certain cluephrases that are close to the answer.
    • Therefore, you are encouraged to call in guesses as much as you want.
  3. The following ARE allowed.
    • Guessing as many things into the answer checker as you want.
    • Guessing at URL’s except for those under
    • Searching the Internet freely for resources.
    • Writing programs to help you work on a puzzle, as long as they are local.
  4. The following are NOT allowed.
    • You should not spoil the hunt outside the MOSP Discord.
    • You will NOT need to guess any URL’s on the site You can try a few if you really want, but don’t bulk-guess for my server’s sake.
    • Do NOT make any form of repeated or automated requests to a server such as this site, Discord, Gradescope, Google Classroom, Zoom, etc. (For example, you should NOT write a script to randomly guess URL’s or answers.)
    • Don’t try to hack the website.
    • None of the puzzles require you to inspect the source code of pages. You can look if you want, but we think it’s more misleading than helpful.

Courage and Patience

This hunt is quite difficult (not quite Mystery Hunt level but getting there), and we want you to have fun, so you should feel welcome to get hints whenever you aren’t having fun.

The hunt website will automatically let you redeem hints and unlocks as time passes and as you solve puzzles. For each puzzle, hints will unlock after one hour. The website keeps track of two currencies:

  • (💜) Courage: +25 for every puzzle solved. Does not decrease.
    • Used only for unlocking new puzzles, and not hints.
  • (💛) Patience: Can be exchanged for prewritten hints.
    • +30 for every puzzle solved
    • +20 each time a new puzzle is unlocked
    • If a puzzle has been open for t hours it gives ⌊3log⁡(1+t)⌋ additional patience (even after it is solved).

The choice of which hints were written for each puzzle can potentially be a minor spoiler, fair warning. Also, the hint system is implemented in client-side Javascript, so you can hack it if you really wanted to.

Finally, feel free to ping @admin for additional hints too. No charge for doing so. If you choose to do so, it helps if you can link the spreadsheet that you’re working on: we can give better advice if we can see your work.


There is no limit on team size but we think that most people will have the most fun working on the hunt in teams of 3-5 people. (Which conveniently is equal to the number of people in your social group if you signed up for one.)

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